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Welcome to the brand new white to Black Belt Curriculum.
Here you will find every technique and drill required to further your Black Belt journey.
These videos are used as an aid to your classes you have with your instructor.
See you on the Mats,
Master Weir

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Section 1White Belt
Lecture 1Ready Position
Lecture 2Guarding Stance
Lecture 3Resting Position
Lecture 4Horse Riding Stance
Lecture 5Long Stance
Lecture 6Jab Punch
Lecture 7Cross Punch
Lecture 8Elbow Strike
Lecture 9Knee Strike
Lecture 10Front Kick
Lecture 11White Belt Hand Drill
Lecture 12Working Drills
Section 2Purple Belt
Lecture 13Turning Kick
Lecture 14Round House Knee Strike
Lecture 15Low Turning Kick
Lecture 16Lunge Punch
Lecture 17Hook Punch Uppercut
Lecture 18Step Jab Reverse Punch
Lecture 19Spear Finger Strike
Lecture 20Purple Belt Hand Drill
Lecture 21Kickboxing Drill Part 1
Lecture 22Working Drill
Section 3Yellow Belt
Lecture 23Outside Knife Hand block
Lecture 24Rising Elbow Block
Lecture 25Side Kick
Lecture 26Stomp Kick
Lecture 27Back Fist
Lecture 28Front Knee Strike
Lecture 29Kickboxing Drill Part 2
Lecture 30Working Drills
Lecture 31Yellow Belt Hand drill
Section 4Orange Belt
Lecture 32Outside Forearm Block
Lecture 33Low X Block
Lecture 34Inside Knee Block
Lecture 35Push Kick
Lecture 36Spinning Back Fist
Lecture 37Axe Kick
Lecture 38Hammer Fist
Lecture 39Corner Kick Into K Block
Lecture 40 Orange Belt Hand Drill
Lecture 41Working Drill
Lecture 42Kickboxing Drill Part 3
Section 5Green Belt
Lecture 43High Knife Hand Block
Lecture 44High X Block
Lecture 45Back Kick
Lecture 46Two Finger Strike
Lecture 47High Section Side Kick
Lecture 48High Section Front Kick
Lecture 49Jumping Back Kick
Lecture 50Kick Boxing Drill in Full
Lecture 51Working Drills
Lecture 52Sparring Drills
Lecture 53Hand Drill
Section 6Brown Belt
Lecture 54Outside Crescent Kick
Lecture 55Inside Crescent Kick
Lecture 56Ridge Hand Strike
Lecture 57Arc Hand Strike
Lecture 58Brown Belt Hand Drill
Lecture 59Sparring Drills
Lecture 60Working Drills
Section 7Blue Stripe Belt
Lecture 61Sliding Front Leg Side Kick
Lecture 62Jumping Front Kick
Lecture 63Jumping Turning Kick
Lecture 64Jump Reverse Punch
Lecture 65Single Hand Shirt Grab 1
Lecture 66Single Hand Shirt Grab 2
Lecture 67Self Defence Grab Releases
Lecture 68Sparring Drills
Lecture 69Wrist Grab 1
Lecture 70Wrist Grab 2
Lecture 71Blue Stripe Hand Drill
Lecture 72Forward Elbow
Section 8Blue Belt
Lecture 73Double Hand Shirt Grab 1
Lecture 74Double Hand Shirt Grab 2
Lecture 75Blue Belt Hand Drill
Lecture 76Rear Strangle Hold 1
Lecture 77Rear Strangle Hold 2
Lecture 78Knife Hand Strike
Lecture 79Downward Hook Punch
Lecture 80Front Leg Hook Kick
Lecture 81Spinning Back Kick
Lecture 82Sparring Drills
Section 9Red Stripe Belt
Lecture 83Downward To Upward X Block
Lecture 84Low Turning Kick Into High Kick
Lecture 85Step Up Hook Into Cross Punch
Lecture 86Front Sweep
Lecture 87Low to High Section Turning Kick
Lecture 88Red Stripe Belt Hand drill
Lecture 89Self Defence #1
Lecture 90Self Defence #2
Lecture 91Defence Against Full Mount
Lecture 92Defence against Side control
Lecture 93Rear Bear Hug 1
Lecture 94Rear Bear Hug 2
Section 10Red Belt
Lecture 95Inside Foot Block
Lecture 96Tornado Kick
Lecture 97Jumping Side Kick
Lecture 98Jumping Axe Kick
Lecture 99Inside Crescent Spinning Hook
Lecture 100Red Belt Hand drill
Lecture 101Self Defence #3
Lecture 102Self Defence #4
Lecture 103Defence against Scarf Choke
Lecture 104Basic Wrist Locks
Lecture 105Pressing Block Into Cat Stance
Lecture 106Break Falls Front
Lecture 107Break Falls Back
Section 11Deputy Black Belt
Lecture 108Bear Hug #1
Lecture 109Bear Hug #2
Lecture 110Spinning Sweep
Lecture 111Spinning Outside Crescent
Lecture 112Flying Side Kick
Lecture 113Jump Spin Back Kick
Lecture 114Question Mark Kick
Lecture 115Deputy Black Belt Handrill 11
Lecture 116Deputy Black Belt Handrill 12
Lecture 117Self Defense #5
Lecture 118Self Defense #6
Lecture 119Defense Against Seated Back Choke
Lecture 120Form 1 - Sa Jang
Lecture 121Breakfall Front
Lecture 122Breakfall Back
Lecture 123Push Up On Toes
Lecture 124Push Up Knees
Lecture 125Sit Ups